Here’s A Hilarious Look At What Actually Happens Inside All Indian Airplanes


The folks over at All India Bakchod made this video depicting what any Indian flying experience would be like, were everyone brutally honest:

And if you’ve ever flown on an airplane with a heavy desi population, you’ll recognize the host of characters. There’s the dude who’s never heard of personal hygiene:

The amazingly shameless intrusive sleeper:

The sleaze-ball:

Oh, another sleaze-ball:

Just a TON of sleaze-balls, in general:

The baby who has chosen this moment to shriek bloody murder about all his grievances:

The uncles who will shout past any hurdle to carry on their stock market small-talk:


And the disgruntled failed-model air hostess, just to name a few:

Watch the LOL-worthy madness in full here:

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