Ever wonder If airplanes could speak, what would they say?


“THERE’S SOMETHING ON MY WING! You gotta listen!! I’m not crazy! It’s messing with the engine, we’re going down!!”

(Image source: the Twilight Zone)

Trump plane: I took a short flight of a million miles.

Boeing VC 25: I miss you Obama.

Dreamlifter: I think I’m pregnant.

Concorde: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

F22 raptor: If I weren’t a narcissist, I’d be perfect.

Boeing 747 Freighter: Huehuehuehuehuehue

HAhahahahahahahahahaha! I get it now! That is so ironic! Hahahahahaha!

Bathtub: I’m not a plane, but someday I’d be one.

Boeing 787: Life is but a dream…liner.

⁽⁽ଘ(flies away)ଓ⁾⁾


F-22: I’m the king of the sky, the most beautiful and advanced plane ever fly. Y’all bow to me.

F-35: …said the plane that blinded out by the International Date Line.

F-22: Hey, it’s the past. Besides, look at yourself.

Image source: USAF

F-16: I’m cheaper and more versatile than you both. Just talk to my 20+ operators.

F-22: Yeah, your dogfight capabilities is amazing, but we’ll blow you up long before you see us. Oh, and it seems that that Sukhoi is your friends, look how similar you’re!

Image source: Aviation Photo #1768810: Sukhoi Su-30 – Russia – Air Force

Su-30: Сука блять, I hate all of you. And I’m completely different from F-16, dumbass.

Image source: US Navy

F/A-18Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars. ‘Cause you light up the path

A-10: Meh, salt water are really bad for you, kids. Better sticks to land and bring ‘em hell.

Image source: USAF

B-52: I was and will bring you literal hell on earth. Besides, my napalm will sticks to kids.

F-35: Not funny.

B-52: ‘Nam is hard, kids. Dark humor is how do we cope. You’ll find out if you’re ever in battle.

Image source: NASA

SR-71: I was the king of speed, man!

F-16: Hint: was. Now you’re just hanging up in museum ceiling forever.

Image source: Lockheed Martin

C-5 and C-130: Whatever. If we don’t carry those engine to Afghanistan or solid fuel (that they called “food”, for whatever reason) to your rider, you’d be a millions-dollars scrap alluminium alloy.

Image source: USAF

VC-25 (Air Force One): Do you all forget who’s your boss? Stop messing around!

Su-30: Definitely not you.

F-35: Why’d you still here? Go back to Vladistan, you commie.

Image source: Getty Images

An-2: Someone called “commie”? I’m the plane with largest revolutionary spirit ever! And look, I’m flying backwards!

Su-30: S-Stop that grandpa, you’re embarrassing me.

An-2: You disrespectful kids! Go back to Soviet Russia, and tries to learn something now!

Su-30: It’s Russia now, not Soviet.

An-2: Whatever, return kids. I don’t need a comrade like you. I would like to go back to my job dusting the people’s plantation!

Su-30: (in its mind) You’re definitely a batshit crazy grandpa.

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